Hiking in Connemara

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Did you know that the stunning backdrop of mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers that we call home here in Connemara have been formed from the roots of a great mountain belt, of Himalayan magnitude, that formed during the closure of the lapetus Ocean (which was formed when a continent known as Rodinia broke apart and formed a sedimentary basin later known as Lapetus Ocean.


Over time, Connemara’s mountains have been worn down to the 700m peaks we explore today and they are some of the best hikes in Ireland, with people from all over the world travelling to enjoy the sights and rewards of climbing these rugged peaks.


Our qualified mountain guides will lead you across some of the region’s most impressive routes–including the Twelve Bens, the Maam Turks and Mweelrea mountains. These are some of Ireland’s most dominant topographical features and offer stunning vistas of the Connemara landscape and introduce you to that fresh Galway mountain air and Wild Atlantic magic, from a standpoint that is unrivalled from anywhere else in the county. It is quite special to spend a weekend in Connemara and witness the world around you from the open ocean and then to look down and across the valley from atop one of our local mountains.



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